Headline Conventions That Tire Me


  • On The Eve Of Such-And-Such, Such-And-Such
  • It’s The [Noun], Stupid
  • Meet The So-And-So Who’s Doing Such-And-Such
  • Wait, Did So-And-So Just Such-And-Such?
  • So-And-So Just Such-And-Suched!
  • Such-And-Such Raises Fears Of Such-And-Such
  • This, That Or The Other Is A Game-Changer
  • This Thing, That Thing And Another Thing
  • Something, Something And Something. Oh My!
  • Any Headline That Employs Unnecessary Punctuation. Period.
  • Yes, Virginia, There Is A Such-And-Such
  • No, Blah-Blah Isn’t Such-And-Such
  • Yes, Blah-Blah Is Such-And-Such
  • I’m Too Lazy To Distill My Story’s Main Point Into A Real Headline So I’m Just Going To Write A Complete Sentence Instead

I’ll update this list as ire dictates and time allows.

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