Ideal Day Off Had By Me

Brooklyn Bridge Park IIII really don’t require much to be happy — adequate rest, a little sunshine, daily exercise, music and solitude. Unfortunately, circumstances rarely allow me to enjoy all or even some of these in the same day. Today, though, was close to perfect: 12 hours of sleep, a glorious hour-long walk along the Brooklyn waterfront, loads of music (played and listened to) and ample time alone with my thoughts.

This afternoon I went to Julliard’s campus store to buy some sheet music. Even at the height of my piano career, I was at best an average sight-reader, so one goal is to improve in that area. To that end, I bought a collection of classical piano music that’s much easier than the stuff I ordinarily play. Having just spent the last hour with it, I’m awfully glad I didn’t go with anything harder. I also bought some Czerny and Hanon exercises, and they’re every bit as horrible and dull as I remembered them being. Horrible and dull, but also necessary for improving technique.

Also: I got carded buying beer. So, yeah. Not a bad day at all.


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