Every day I cook the oats

Those of you who know me know that variety is not particularly important to me when it comes to diet. I can, and do, eat the same meals for days on end without feeling a sense of monotony.

On work days (but not on the weekends, because for whatever reason, I don’t get hunger cues and therefore must rely on things like workflow to remind me when to eat), I’ve taken to eating the following for lunch:

Instant oatmeal mixed with one ripe banana.

This probably doesn’t sound like much of a lunch to most people, but again, I don’t get hunger pangs like the rest of you, and this is all my stomach can accommodate.

Something moderately interesting that I’ve learned from this daily exercise is that, when combined with oats and a splash of milk, the banana can act as a thickening agent. I wonder why this is? Perhaps I will point my browser to the URL of one of the Internet’s popular search engines and find out at some point.

Good day to you.


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