Saturday, wait

It appears to be another lovely Saturday here in Brooklyn, but alas, I have not left my apartment yet today, for doing so would require pants and possibly bathing, neither of which sound tolerable at this moment.


SGF and I have started watching the first season of The Wire, which B-ho graciously loaned me. After watching only three episodes, I now understand all the fanatical raving. Oddly enough, two of the main characters resemble two of my colleagues, so I’ve taken to referring to their characters as such.


So it turns out little Simon is anemic again, and though his vet concedes human error could be responsible for his lower hematocrit reading, we agreed he’d go up to one half of a prednisone tablet daily for a month, at which point he’ll get checked again. Poor little puddin’ pie.


I bought an iPhone. I love it.


The other day it occurred to me that every time I go to the gym, I see at least one person wearing a t-shirt with “STAFF” written on the back. Why does everyone but me own one of these shirts, and when and why did this trend start?


In the past two weeks, I have endured two separate incidents in which non-food material appeared in my meal. Two weeks ago, I found in my fried green tomatoes not one, but at least four round pieces of cardboard. And then yesterday, whilst eating my daily salad, I bit into a staple. A STAPLE, people. And it wasn’t a normal office-supply staple, either. It was the big-ass kind of staple that one sometimes sees holding cardboard boxes together.

I think God might be telling me it’s time to stop wasting my money on sub-par store-bought meals and finally learn to cook. To that end, SGF and I have vowed to do what I honestly thought I’d never do — at least not until I was well into my 40s: cook and freeze meals ahead of time. Just thinking about this makes me feel middle-aged. However, it makes sense, both for financial and health purposes, so I guess I’ll give ‘er a go.


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  1. BTS

    Whom do your colleagues resemble? (Please say Bubbles and Johnny, please say Bubbles and Johnny…)

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