Put your lips together and blow

The other day at work a communication failure left me profoundly frustrated.

All I wanted to do was explain to people that when one whistles, one actually produces two sounds: the higher, melodic whistle, and a lower, almost percussive tone that seems to emanate from somewhere lower. Whereas the whistle sounds like a … whistle, this other tone is more like someone’s impersonation of a chimpanzee or maybe a gorilla.


Please whistle and help me convince the world that I am not crazy, or at least not crazy for this reason.


Today little Simon is headed to the V-E-T to get his blood work checked again to see if I can reduce his prednisone dose. The little guy has been through so damn much, and he’s still just as sweet as he’s ever been.

Later, SGF and I may find ourselves a beach to go walking on. It’s a fine day outside already.


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One response to “Put your lips together and blow

  1. BTS

    When we were growing up, you would mock me for my inability to whistle without producing a low E underneath the intended pitch. These days it's a C#.If your ear is okay, you can identify the note that a whistler's lower tone comes closest to. Write it down; it will likely not vary by more than a quarter step.Now, get your hands on a guitar tuner that allows you to tune to notes other than just A440. Set the target on to the lower note the whistler always hits (e.g. c#). Have the Doubting Thomas whistle a scale, and show them how the tuner always hits the target note. If all goes well, you will feel pride, and they will feel shame.

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