Half-brained idea

I must register my disapproval of this. Let me put aside for a moment how obnoxious I find the brand name and focus on what else is going on here. “Brain development?” Really? The subtext: If you don’t buy this, your child will be a dolt.



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3 responses to “Half-brained idea

  1. BTS

    “Her brain will triple in size by the time she’s two… So you can help her shine a little more every day.”Cum hoc ergo propter hoc.

  2. Marketing, marketing, marketing. And parents by the thousands fall for it every time they walk in a store. Ridiculous. Maybe they should make a juice for the parents to combat stupidity.

  3. {{}} you, as always, are correct. it is also funny that DHA (if I am remembering correctly) has been touted as an essential ingredient in kitten chow for a few years; it took *this* long for the marketing gadflies to think this up? Heh. What’s funny is that we won’t make our children think, solve puzzles, work for things, or anything needing effort, but if it comes in a slurpy packette with HFCS involved, well…we NEED that!!!kill me now.

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