A new song

I heard Son Volt’s “World Waits for You” tonight whilst walking through my neighborhood. It’s simple, but to me it’s lovely.

Two years ago today was the last day of work for most of us who accepted The Dallas Morning News‘ 2006 buyout offer. Good God, have two years already passed?

Tonight I saw some photos for the farewell party of one longtime DMNer. The familiar faces, the witty and thoughtful going-away 1A page, the impressive buffet … these things make me smile. The Dallas Morning News taught me essentially all I know about journalism. The days since have taught me other things — and I’m grateful for them, as well — but I think the DMN will always feel like home. So much time later, and I still say “we” in reference to it.

Please don’t give up on newspapers, dear readers. Naturally I have a vested interest in Internet-based news’ continued success, but I know — as I hope most people know — that Web sites may never rival printed newspapers in some respects. The in-depth coverage, the spectacular photos, the feel of turning the pages and getting a little ink on your hands — call me old-fashioned, but the Web, while fantastic, is no substitute. Print and online media can and should, I think, coexist.



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2 responses to “A new song

  1. Happy Bday RARG! May you enjoy every minute of it!

  2. I know you’re a music nerd – you should check out a prog band named O.S.I.. Mega talented.Signed – worker dude

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