Into the woods

So, yesterday a friend and I embarked on a short hiking trip. Who knew that not so far out of the city exist mountains! And beauty!

The views from the pinnacle of our hike were spectacular. (If I get my hands on the photos, I may post one or two here.) And, I’m pretty sure I could grow addicted to the hiking itself. Something about exerting myself, scrambling up rocks, searching for the surest footing and avoiding things like pain and death really appeals to me. So, this could be the first of many posts on this topic. I hope they won’t bore you.

Anyway, as we completed our descent, I spotted this little guy., you’re kind of awesome.



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2 responses to “Into the woods

  1. BTS

    Is that the Cthulhu Mushroom, or the Enchanted Fungus?

  2. Can’t spell ‘fungus’ without ‘fun’!

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