Simon world’s awesomest cat, study confirms

I learned yesterday that little Simon’s blood work is “totally normal” for the first time in nine months. He also is a “normal” weight and no longer has a heart murmur.

In related news, I lost my composure a little whilst on the phone yesterday, and a couple of times subsequently.

Simon and I both have been through some unpleasant stuff in the last nine months. Maybe it’s lame to say that I’m proud of him for coming this far, and maybe I don’t care if it is lame.


As more and more news outlets cut back on staff, I realize how lucky my employer is to have so many gifted, seasoned journalists on board. Many of us started in print and now work online. Many of us miss the smell of paper and ink, but we also know how many more people’s lives we can touch in this new environment, if we do things right.

Doing things right vs. doing things adequately for the time being — this distinction is crucial for news outlets, and I desperately hope it’s one CEOs are treating with the consideration it merits.



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2 responses to “Simon world’s awesomest cat, study confirms

  1. Hooray for Simon! There is nothing even remotely lame in being proud of your kitty or getting choked up about him. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an ass.

  2. BTS

    I didn’t know about the heart murmur. Did it go muuuhhhr-muuuhhr?

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