Palm Sunday

Remember when we were kids and would slather Elmer’s glue on our hands, wait for it to dry and then rub it off, the little pills collecting in our palms?

For no apparent reason I thought of this today.



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2 responses to “Palm Sunday

  1. This is the second reference to putting glue on your hands and peeling it off that I’ve read today. How odd.(The first was a solution for more easily removing small splinters.)- Dan

  2. BTS

    I used to refinish wood gym floors with little regard for the required personal protective equipment. You’d occasionally get the urethane on you hands and it was a beast to get off. We’d resort to using a waterless cleaning agent called Tackasol. It did the trick, but if you didn’t rinse it all off, it’d start to burn like the fires of hell itself. I once got some in my sock and didn’t realize it until I was stuck in traffic on Central Expressway. Fun.A former colleague of mine who uses a wheelchair once got some in his LAP.

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