April Fool

“Fool” is one of my favorite things to call people who piss me off. That and “dolt.”


I had the perfect April Fool’s Day prank to pull on someone, but considering the prankee appears to have misplaced his sense of humor — along with a few other of his attractive qualities — I kept it to myself. No one played any jokes on me. None that I know of, at any rate.


The best search string that’s brought traffic to this site in ages: “sheet music to mozart lick my ass.” Thank you, presumably one-time reader. You sort of made my day.


My boss said today, “Samantha, I thought we agreed you’d stop dying.”

I do not have consumption, as some people have suggested. At least I don’t think I do. I do still have the most disgusting cough ever, however. My head hurts, in part from the coughing, and in part from last night’s grave dosage mistake. You see, the dosage for my day medicine is two teaspoons. The dosage for my night medicine is one teaspoon. Guess who got the two mixed up last night? Me! The result: fuzzy-headedness, errant phone calls and a splitting headache. I’m done with that stuff. I’ll take coughing all night over the other forms of misery.

But anyway, though I do not think I have TB, I do sort of like the idea of having whooping cough, for then I could tell my grandkids that I caught the whooping cough back in ought eight.


Today a feller at work turned me on to this band. Check out “Sometimes” here.


The same feller has decided his mission for this summer is to turn me into a jam-band-loving hippie. His plans include hula hoops, foraging for eggs and mass consumption of red meat, “mostly uncooked.” I guess you’d have to read our IM log to fully grasp the awesomeness of this.



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2 responses to “April Fool

  1. BTS

    I defy you to listen to “Plastic Raincoat” without singing along:”I’ve got a date,Oh, Chad’s got a date.”

  2. Oh, I instantly loved Boy With a Fish and bought their CD. Thanx for the recommend. They are very REMish – aren’t they?

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