Comfortably numb

Last night I was out in The Bowery, an area of New York that’s fun to visit but is in no way suitable to live in for the likes of me. Just what part of New York is suitable for me remains a mystery. It certainly isn’t the Upper West Side, nor the Upper East Side. I’m generalizing here, but the former is best for lawyer couples with children and dogs (the dogs are just fine; it’s their people who bug me a little). The latter is best — or at least seems best — for fraternity types from the Midwest.

I have a few months to decide, and Lord knows a lot can happen in that amount of time. Still, if you’re in New York and hear of a place opening up, please let me know.

Anyway, back to last night. It got cold and windy rather suddenly, and I was wearing a skirt. We couldn’t find a cab to save our lives at that hour, and we weren’t exactly sure where the subway was, so there we were, wandering in the bitter wind, laughing nervously at our predicament. I couldn’t feel my toes or my lips.

Finally we found a 6 train, and all was well. It occurred to me on the way home how much laughter and good company can help mitigate unpleasant conditions.


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