Trains and such

The other day I thought I saw someone I knew, but it turns out the ruddy, slouchy little person was a total stranger. It’s only been a few months since I saw the optometrist, but I think she got the prescription wrong. That, and I need to look up from my monitor more often.


Four days ago I was on the C train. I sensed, as one can often sense, eyes upon me. I looked up and found a tall, youngish man — 25-28 — in a grayish cap staring at me intently. Caught, he smiled and then looked away. A few minutes later I looked up again, and caught him again. Same reaction. “What is this, a cologne commercial?” I thought to myself, grinning at the absurdity of it all.

This continued all the way to 14th Street, at which point the smiling bloke made a move to leave. Leaning in close to my ear, he said, “You have a little toothpaste on your lower lip,” before handing me his card. He smiled again and left the train.

I don’t have a compact, so I couldn’t check to see the offending white spot, though I did lick my lip. When I got to work, I found no sign of toothpaste.


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  1. It just so happens that I’m reading a book I picked up in the airport on my way out of HK called “The Game,” which is all about the art of the pickup and the secret societies of men who practice it. Apparently a trick for disarming attractive women is to say something slightly negative to them; observe a piece of lint, “adorable bunny teeth,” etc. Because attractive women get positive attention all the time, this approach stands out, and it also plays on a psychological need to seek validation from the critic (as opposed to a compliment, which requires no follow-up from you and which, coming from a stranger, is likely to be shrugged off as a boring come-on). If he was just being a helpful stranger, he would not have given you his card.It’s all very evil, but I’ll bet it fraking works.

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