My wacky Bulgarian neighbors listen to Stravinsky at all hours of the day and night. I like them even more for this.


I’m not overly fond of Andrew Lloyd Webber, but I do love “Tell Me on a Sunday” from Song and Dance. Actually, it’s from the “Tell Me on a Sunday” part of Song and Dance, if you want to get technical, but whatever.

My voice teacher, Diane Morrow, gave me the sheet music my senior year of high school. The piano accompaniment is pretty simple. I’d play and sing the song over and over, trying to perfect the high note on “take” (Diane helped me expand my range considerably that year. She was great.). I never performed the piece in public, but I still sing it in the shower sometimes.


The other day I thought of the song, which made me think of Sarah Brightman, which in turn made me think of “Ebben? Ne andrò lontana” from La Wally:

Usually Brightman sounds a lot airier than this. I prefer the fuller voice she uses here.

Also, she’s a hottie.


Twelve works.


Maybe I just got a bad batch of cough syrup, but I do not see how people get hooked on codeine. It certainly suppressed my wretched hack, but, much like bad writing and certain people’s manners of speech, it also gives me a terrible headache.


Thank you, dear Anna, for this. (You may need to register to read the story.)


Last night I dreamt I was going to an OU-Texas basketball game that for some reason was taking place in a football stadium in Colorado. As I reached the escalator — why there was an escalator I have no idea — I ran into a friend whom I’d been thinking about a lot. Instead of watching the game, we danced in the lobby.


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