I went out walkin’

I probably walked close to 8 miles today. It’s funny how the park looks different depending on who’s walking with you. It was gorgeous today.

I was thinking about the music in my life and the people who gave it to me. And those who gave me none, though I don’t begrudge them this. Here’s my working list, in no particular order:

From Joshua: American Music Club, The Long Winters, For Stars, Fountains of Wayne, The Decemberists, Spoon (and spoonshovels), the Strokes, Sloan, Uncle Tupelo, Java and many, many more.

From Lee Anne: The Gypsy Kings, Toni Price, Patti Griffin, Belle and Sebastian, “Dreams to Remember” and “Cinco de Mayo” — plus several more on the mix tape she gave me back when we lived on Benge Street. The CDs from her wedding supplied a lot of amazing stuff, too.

From Neil: This Mortal Coil

From Drew: Matt Pond PA, Vampire Weekend

From Drew and Michael: a stirring rendition of T.S. Eliot set to powerful chords on my keyboard

From Domini: Ani DiFranco

From Rob: a tolerance for jazz

From Mrs. W.: “Spinning Song” and all the other songs that made me fall in love with piano music

From Ms. Olga: Scriabin and certain Chopin etudes and preludes

From Ms. Eva and her husband: more Scriabin, and a crapload of Beethoven

From Dr. Downs: Chopin I never dreamed I’d be able to play, and some Mozart I also never dreamed I’d be able to play

From Nicole: Architecture in Helsinki

From Erin: Even more Ani DiFranco (SO MUCH Ani DiFranco), plus the magical music from our two-woman air band, Andrew Bird (indirectly)

From Brian J.: Turin Brakes and The Magnetic Fields, plus a renewed appreciation for Roxy Music (and my much-treasured tokens)

From Brett: the one Phish song that doesn’t drive me to tears of rage

From Karen: Sharon Jones especially, though we’ve exchanged a whole lot more

From Dave T.: The Essex Green

From Cookie Shake: “Black Hole Sun” and “Walking After You.” I also can’t hear a Nine Inch Nails song without thinking of her.

From Blaine: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Saint Etienne, Sea and Cake, and a new and lasting love of “In a Big Country”

From Rachelle: Cibo Mato

From John: Morphine, Colin Hay, Soul Coughing, Calexico, Jude, OK-Go, Richard Buckner

From Buckner: Buckner, whose voice is even more mesmerizing in person, Neko Case, more Calexico, plus a new appreciation for “Queen Elvis,” which my brother will find surprising

From Steve: Sophie Zelmani and the rest of his shoe-gazing CD

From Chuck: Lucinda Williams, sort of, and Boy With a Fish

From Anthony: The Dixie Chicks, several excerpts from The Simpsons, and a renewed love of “Time After Time.”

From Amit: God, so many — Rufus Wainwright, Clem Snide, Billy Bragg, Guy Clark, the Eels, “Jennifer Johnson and Me,” “The Man in Me,” “Most of the Time,” etc.

From Marc: Where to begin? Sun Kil Moon, John Martyn, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, Bonnie “Prince” Billie, The Bees, “California Stars,” Gomez

From my brothers: far too many to mention. I’d say they and Joshua are responsible for most of my music collection.


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  1. I am missing you big time, girl. Thanks for the shout. Remember the time you almost defriended me because I said I didn’t like Simon and Garfunkel? Just to let you know, I’ve revised my opinion of them.

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