I changed my mind

Who needs a bunch of negative garbage on their computer screen?

I’m dead serious about “ATM machine” and “safe haven” setting me ablaze, however. Oh, and “PIN number.” Honestly!



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3 responses to “I changed my mind

  1. Kin

    I thought it was a good list and I agreed with it. Maybe the negative list could have been balanced with a positive list following it?I enjoy your blog. Good luck!

  2. SLS

    Thank you, Kin. I guess I mainly removed the list because I didn’t want to see it anymore. But I’m glad you liked it while it lasted!May I ask how you found this blog when you first started reading it?

  3. Kin

    I don’t remember how I found your blog. It must have been a link on another blog. It was before New York. It found it interesting, your move there and getting used to the big city. I cheer for you.I know my writing is horrible. I’m sorry.

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