We’ve gotta get out of this place

After wallowing in bed for more than 24 hours, I finally got my fever down to around 100. I knew that if I did nothing else today, I would bathe and probably eat. The latter required a trip to the grocery store, which thankfully is just across the street.

Maybe my neighbors who can actually afford to live in this part of town can do so because they’ve closely watched every dime they spend. If so, good for them, but I wish they wouldn’t quibble over 40 cents when a long line of patrons stands behind them, especially when one of them is me.

So I got a bunch of groceries — none of which sound very appealing to me right now, but I’m amply prepared should my appetite return — and lugged them upstairs, silently cursing myself for not finding a ground-floor apartment and realizing I’d probably just spent my day’s allotment of energy. And then, for no apparent reason at all, I thought of “Suddenly” by the Bogmen.



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2 responses to “We’ve gotta get out of this place

  1. DLS

    Never pegged you for a Bogmen fan, Amisa. I’ve got that CD tucked away somewhere. I picked it up in ’96 or ’97 and everyone but me hated it. I’d be glad to get you a copy.

  2. BTS

    Didn’t I give you a copy from my iTunes (that I ganked from Dave’s iTunes) back in May?

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