Blankets and clouds

I’m going to sleep soon. I can feel it in my bones and in my strained eyes. If I’m wrong, so help me I’ll scream, and high-tail it — or really low-tail it, to conserve energy — back to my doctor. Drugs aren’t the most attractive option for a gal like me, but one hour of sleep on any given night, and just a couple more on most other nights, simply isn’t enough. I will defeat you, insomnia!

But first, the weather, which my brother will be relieved to hear we’re having each and every day. It’s balmy compared with recent days, and the forecast calls for a tolerable amount of precipitation.


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  1. Can I recommend Ambien? It allowed me to sleep very well for the first few days after my mom’s death. I keep it handy but never stayed on it for long.It was a godsend.

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