Car talk

This morning on the train, I bumped into a man, and we smiled at each other. Shortly thereafter, he asked me if I could spare a little money for breakfast. I had some bills in my pocket — change from a recent cab ride that I’d been forgetting to transfer to my purse — and without thinking much, I handed them to him.

He thanked me, and just before I put my earphones back in, I got the strong urge to ask him what he’d eat that morning. I don’t eat breakfast, as a rule, but it pleases me when other people do. (“Ooo! What’s that you’re eating? Egg on an English muffin? Good for you!” Etc.)

When I asked the man what he’d be ordering, he matter-of-factly replied, “McGriddle and juice … and some crack. Ha! Just kidding. You have pretty teeth.” And that was the end of our conversation. I laughed and put my earphones back in, and he got off at the next stop.

I don’t know if any of what he said was true, and I don’t care. He made my morning.



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3 responses to “Car talk

  1. BTS

    As a committed dieter who pretty much eats the same three meals every day, I have to ask if he specified which McGriddles he was going to get. Pleeeeeeeease let it be sausage. Sweet ghost of light, those are tasty.

  2. Bacon, baby! 😉 Not a big breakfaster either, when I do end up at McD’s, it’s a steak and egg and cheese and bagel bagel on a biscuit. Though the McGriddles are fairly rockin’. My one question though: how on Earth does McD’s label the nutritional value of their crack?

  3. Tragedy at Times Square McDonaldsBy Al BakerNew York TimesA homeless man police have identified as Tyrone Biggums opened fire in the McDonald’s on 42nd Street in Times Square, killing at least 47 people–including a family of five on their first vacation to New York and the entire 20 member Wichita Nun’s Choir–before turning the gun on himself. Tests of Mr. Biggums’ blood revealed high levels of very recent crack cocaine use.

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