First, we’ll take Manhattan

Readers, I’m positively overjoyed to report that the House of Grammarian will soon have a very special guest, a guest who’s threatening to buy a kid-size guitar from Kmart when he gets here. Not that I mind, though, for he is quite the talented guitarist, and the sing-a-longs are always entertaining.

My neighbors, the friendly yet mysterious Germans whom I’ve spoken to roughly three times since June, will just have to put up with us.

He’s coming just in time to save me from despair, for I just had to shorten my stay in Dallas by three days for financial reasons. I have no one but myself and the greedy airlines to blame, of course, but it hurts nonetheless. Flying in on Christmas Eve and flying out on New Year’s Eve — argh! Still, to be able to go home at all is a gift, so I’ll suppress my disappointment and count the days till I see the homestead again.

And with that, I bid you goodnight.



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2 responses to “First, we’ll take Manhattan

  1. Thank GOODNESS I’m here until the 27th, so we can still hang out.

  2. BTS

    I’m actually kind of a hack, but thanks for the compliment.I’m sitting out a flight delay as we speak!

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