Please, let our long national nightmare end

A friend at work and I have for weeks been decrying the rapid and woeful deterioration of icanhascheezburger.

If I had to guess the reason for its poor quality of late, I’d blame the voting system. Something fishy’s going on — I suspect some sort of American Idol-style vote-tampering tomfoolery is at work here. It’s sick — sick, I tell you.

For weeks now, my friend and I have been monitoring the site, and almost without fail, the entries with fewer votes have been funnier than what ends up on the homepage. Why? WHY?!? Don’t they realize that if this Web site tanks, the terrorists will have won?

However, I still have faith in this Web site and its ability to assuage the work-weary masses, and you can imagine my joy upon finding this today:

So, to the person or people who run this once marvelous site: Please elevate your standards to their former level. Your loyal readers want hilarious and weird, not bland and so-so cute. Though Cute Overload is fabulous and serves a vital purpose in our lives, we do not need another site just like it. Please, for the love of God, don’t continue on this path, for you might turn into the horror that is America’s Funniest Animals. You have lost the distinct editorial voice that drew us to your site in the first place. Please find it.


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