On yer innernets, givin teh thanks

This is my first Thanksgiving away from home.

This year, while I complete my freelance assignment, young Simon will dine on Fancy Feast’s Turkey and Giblets Feast and I will dine on … something consumed through a straw, for I am at present unable to shut my jaw enough to chew. It’s an awfully good thing I love milkshakes as much as I do. In fact, let that be the first thing on my list of things for which I am grateful this year:

  • Creamy, delicious milkshakes
  • My family, whom I miss more each day
  • Christmas, when I’ll get to see all of said family
  • Simon’s recovery — he’s not quite 100 percent cured, but he’s come a long way and is, in fact, moonwalking on my legs as I type this in bed
  • The good health and happiness of those I love
  • The people who helped get me through a particularly challenging year
  • Last night’s epiphany
  • My amazing current colleagues, whose enthusiasm for the market is, at times, remarkably contagious, and who have collaborated on some of the most epic and entertaining IMs of my career.
  • My amazing former colleagues, who still and always will feel like family (see above)
  • Shelter and water
  • Aspirin and ice packs
  • Beef jerky, even if I can’t eat it right now
  • Fiction
  • The great fortune of working among musicians, who help remind me of the passion that defined my formative years
  • The Battlestar Galactica movie and the awesome brother who’s valiantly delaying watching it until we can do so together in just a few short weeks
  • Poor decisions, for what they’ve taught me
  • Tomorrow, for all the good it can hold


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4 responses to “On yer innernets, givin teh thanks

  1. Excellent post, Sam! I am sorry to hear that you are under the weather but so many are excited about your return to Texas- especially your family.And the optimism for each and every tomorrow is definitely a good way to start the day.

  2. I miss you so much, sweetheart! Happy belated Thanksgiving. I hope whatever is causing your jaw-related issues soon goes away. I love you!

  3. Yay, you’re coming back to Dallas!!! If you come to Dallas for Christmas and don’t call me, I’ll never speak to you again. (Because we talk so often now…) Love ya, babe.

  4. Hugs, and happy Thanksgiving to you, family, and the marvellous Mr Simon! I hope you are better soon! What on Earth happened to your jaw?

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