Bad blood

Simon’s in the animal hospital and will stay there tonight and tomorrow night, and Wednesday he’s getting an ultrasound.

As most of you know, he’s been sick off and on for more than a month, and for most of the last week, he hasn’t eaten and has been alarmingly lethargic. However, the last couple of days he managed to eat a few bites here and there, and this morning I swore he was doing better (he resumed his old routine of waiting by the shower while I bathe and then hopping into the wet tub when I’m done). But when I called his vet, she said he needed to be admitted.

They did some more blood work, and it turns out he’s anemic. Whether this is from a chronic illness (which seems unlikely, considering his tests a month ago turned out perfectly normal), a parasite or internal bleeding we don’t know yet. As soon as the little dude’s gotten enough IV fluids to produce – well, why be delicate about it? – a stool to analyze, they’ll check it for parasites, and tomorrow they’ll check his hematocrit to see if anything’s changed. And then Wednesday he’ll get his ultrasound.

Jesus, what a month. My red blood cells are too large, and little Simon’s are too few. Maybe we’re cursed.

Please send some positive energy his way. It couldn’t hurt, right?



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4 responses to “Bad blood

  1. Am blasting great big Texas thoughts of good health for both you and Simon. Tell Simon there’s catnip in the mail….

  2. Sending lots of love and good wishes your way! xoxo

  3. Romeo, Squooshable, Weebie, Rhett, Cookie, and I all with Simon the best of health! Big hugs to you and him both!

  4. …and I type with a lisp, it seems. Wish. We WISH. Good lord. {{{{{{{{{Simon}}}}}}}}}}

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