You asked for it

I’m all about giving you, the People, what you want, and apparently you want photos. As per your requests, you will find some photos of my new furniture and young Simon, in all his glory. Please forgive the poor quality of these photos — I’ve yet to hunt down new batteries for the digital camera and instead had to use my phone.

Black, white and adorable on the Futon of Despair:

Lounging on his ironing board:

Shiny new sofa:

“This will do.”

Handy chest of drawers, masterfully assembled by a manfriend while I — I kid you not — sat primly on the couch drinking wine and filing my nails. It was AWESOME:

More precious couch time with Sarge:




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6 responses to “You asked for it

  1. BTS

    Wow. That was quick.

  2. Looks most groovy.Next up- painting!!

  3. But that couch is, um, black. I thought we had talked you into a red one! What happened?

  4. SLS

    Well, young Anna, after much thought on the matter, I decided red would overwhelm this tiny space — you’ll see how tiny it is when you visit (and oh yes, you will visit) — so I went with something more understated. Black seemed like a better long-term investment. I hope you’ll forgive me and then get your happy ass to New York!

  5. Nice photos, especially of the cat. But once you get the digital camera working again, you have to provide better shots of the new furniture, shots with better context that give a sense of how all this is shaping up.Keep giving the people what they want.

  6. Love the furniture, especially the parts that have the ever-gorgeous Simon on them!

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