Paris Hilton Lohan Apple iPhone Biotech IPO

Herpes, Lindsay, Olsen, Blackberry.

I assure you this is only a test. And believe it or not, it’s work-related. I swear.



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7 responses to “Paris Hilton Lohan Apple iPhone Biotech IPO

  1. Oh! Are we playing Reverse Bloglibs, Grammarian-style?____ _____ lent ______ her ____ ____ but ATT had a huge network virus, and all the sex videos she stored on it had been replaced by spam about a _____ company supposedly launching an ___, so a *certain someone* never found out about the ____ Paris caught from the sore on K-Fed’s wee, and that’s how _____ ended up giving The Herp to Ashley _____ when they were in the bathroom last Saturday; thankfully, Mary-Kate found out in time — she carries a ______!!

  2. BTS

    Six Degrees of Jessica Alba?

  3. Easy. How to get more hits on your blogsite — those are top internet search words.

  4. Meanwhile, we need a photographic progress report in light of the new sofa and chest of drawers, etc.

  5. SLS

    Right you are. I’ll post some photos as soon as I can find batteries for my camera.

  6. BTS

    And you promised me some new pictures of Sarge.

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