Note to self

Most of you who’ve hung out with me for any period of time know I can be a babbler. I know this about myself, and generally I’ve learned to accept it as one of my many imperfections. However, every so often I say something so spectacularly inane it manages to amaze even me. I had one such moment recently and am mortified enough to implement an addendum to my list of New Year’s resolutions: Let at least 10 seconds lapse between Thought and Speech (30 seconds to 1 minute when alcohol is involved).



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2 responses to “Note to self

  1. That would SO diminish the fun of talking to you.And what, praytell, did you SAY? And to whom did you say it? You should feel free to e-mail me if you’re sheepish about publishing it in cyberspace. I PROMISE I will not post it on my blog.

  2. SLS

    Perhaps, perhaps I’ll tell you in an e-mail. I guess if you were going to judge me you’d have done so a long time ago. 😉

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