The deed is done

As per contest-winner Dave’s request, I’ve painted my toenails an interesting opaque white (White On is the name on the bottle):

Dave, I hate to break it to you, but my feet look not one bit tanner as a result. Also, I hope you guys appreciate how embarrassed I am by the condition of my feet right now. I’ve had a few … incidents lately. Still, fair is fair, and Dave earned this moment in cyberspace. Just consider yourselves blessed I didn’t photograph the right left foot.



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5 responses to “The deed is done

  1. Um, isn’t that your right foot?

  2. SLS

    O Joshua. Why must you always point out my mistakes this way? 😉

  3. Are you sure you didn’t use White OUT?

  4. I was sorta hoping she WOULD use White Out. But I suppose that might be toxic.

  5. SLS

    Why must everyone pick on me so?

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