Misery loves company

Rock and Roll Grammarian: “I think maybe we drank too much last night.”
Out-of-Town Visitor: “I’m beginning to suspect the same thing. … I’m not ruling out throwing up.”

Christ. On. A. Cracker. Just shoot me.



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2 responses to “Misery loves company

  1. Samantha, I’ve been wondering how you’ve been getting along. Eliz. gave me your blog site. … What a woman you are dumping the Big D and heading out for NYC. It sounds like you’re having a big time … I jumped off the copy desk and am now the first “permanent floater” at DMN: doing national/foreign; entertainment; Web. Beaucoup fun! We’re thinking of you. Laura M.

  2. SLS

    Woman! I’m happy to hear from you. No more copy desk at all for you? Are you happy floating? Seems to me you’d enjoy the variety. I know I would.Take care of yourself. {{Hugs}}

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