The cure in orange?


Dear 409 Orange Power,

I’m deeply disappointed in your performance as a cleaning agent. Not only have you repeatedly failed to “power thru messes” in my kitchen, but you have also filled my apartment with a singularly unpleasant aroma. I’m afraid I have no choice but to let you go.

Rock and Roll Grammarian



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4 responses to “The cure in orange?

  1. Heresy! I LOVE the 409 orange stuff and find it easily powers thru all manner of unpleasant stuff. It isn’t my first cleaner of choice: For easy jobs, I use Windex and follow through with Clorox wipes to sanitize, but I’ve found it tough to beat (in combination with a little bit of baking soda) for tasks like cleaning caked-on stovetop residue from my roommates’ efforts to cook using entirely-too-small pots and pans (A small gripe — because they’re awesome — but how difficult is it to use a sautée pan for sautéeing or a stock pot for boiling pasta?).For someone who doesn’t clean much, I’m entirely too devoted to cleaning products.

  2. Try letting it sit for, oh, 10 minutes. Should cut through whatever you’re trying to clean. (For the record, I’m a Simple Green fan.)

  3. SLS

    Fine, fine. I suppose I’m willing to put this delinquent on probation. There’s still a lot left in the bottle, anyway. 😉

  4. In the Industry we call it “dwell time.”-Brian

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