A damn good day

Ah, readers. I’ve had a fabulous day.

Fortified by part of my beloved burrito bol, I hopped on the subway. Destination: Soho. I’d read that Fountains of Wayne was giving a free concert at the Apple store, so I figured I’d head down that way, do a little shopping and then catch the show.

Considering I’m on a rather tight budget right now, I knew the shopping portion of my day would be largely limited to browsing — I’d alotted a certain amount for a light jacket, but nothing more. So I traipsed from store to store, marveling at the prices and enjoying the sight of numerous people sitting on stairs, just like in music videos. At one point I wandered into an Esprit store and found just the jacket I’d been looking for — and on sale! That meant I had a little more money to spend, and spend it I did, on ANOTHER sale item: a darling dress that I found for only $17!!!

Thrilled with my purchases, I made my way to the Apple store, where I took my place in line to see the show. Ahead of me was a woman named Joyce. Joyce, a brittle-looking but spry woman who was easily in her 60s, was Fountain of Wayne’s No. 1 fan, no question. She immediately started grilling me on how I’d learned about the band, what my favorite song was and whether I’d bought the new album. I’m afraid I’m a terrible fan in comparison.

As I stood there, I couldn’t help but overhear the hilarious quips rendered by two woman behind me. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but it was impossible not to laugh out loud at their comments. Eventually we started talking, and it turns out one of them grew up in Tulsa! She went to Union, my alma mater’s chief rival, and she’s friends with my former dance teacher. She also apparently knows my old voice teacher and his son! Crazy, I tell you.

I ended up sitting next to them, and after the show, which was sweet but entirely too short, the three of us got a margarita at a nearby restaurant. That turned into a round at a nearby pub (where we found, evaluated and then dismissed my Next Boyfriend) and … finally we said our goodbyes at the subway station, where they hugged me farewell and pointed me toward the right train home. Lovely women they were! It felt so good just to talk and giggle. Even better, I was talking and giggling with fellow Daughters of Suburbia. That probably sounds ridiculous, but I don’t care. While it’s undeniably refreshing to meet all the different types of people with different types of backgrounds one finds in New York, it’s comforting to talk with people who know where you’re coming from — in this case literally.

Anyway, I got home to my apartment to find an e-mail I’d been hoping for (related to one of my business encounters from this week). It’s not full-time work, but it is work. And, should other ventures pan out, Rock and Roll Grammarian could very well be living somewhat comfortably in the near future. Hurrah!


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