Bol of cherries

Dear Chipotle Vegetarian Burrito Bol,

After several days spent wallowing in feverish misery, unwilling and unable to eat, I found you, shining like a beacon, near Union Square. My stomach betrayed no signs of hunger, as is its wont, but something told me that a whiff of your familiar burrito-y goodness would help me break my fast. O Burrito Bol, you did not disappoint.

Although I admit you seem a bit overwhelming at present, I will finish you by the end of the weekend. That is my pledge.

Anyway, I’d just like to thank you for being there for me. It really means a lot.

Rock and Roll Grammarian

P.S. — Please convey my gratitude to your friends Chips and Lemonade, as well.


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One response to “Bol of cherries

  1. and i thought i was obsessed with their burritos. i’ve never written a thank you letter to my burrito, though!

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