Praise be

My new favorite place came through for me today:

Yes, gentle readers, I’ve purchased four pots and three lids for a mere $12.99. AND I found a spatula for $2 and 10 hangers for $3. And the angels did sing.

In other cheaper-than-I’m-growing-to-expect news, I had new rubber heels attached to my tall boots today for only $12 cash (and paid no taxes!) and found a place that sells dry beans and lentils for less than $1 a pound. I’ve aspired to true vegetarianism for some years; it now seems it may be the only way to get by in this city. I shan’t complain.

Tonight before going out I spent about three hours walking around the city. So far, early evening, just after the sun has set, is my favorite time to be out and about. I walked up to the upper west side, which was thick with a mix of theater-y looking people — young, slender men in turtlenecks, salty looking women in their mid-40’s, and darling older couples — I love them the best. Something about walking around this time of night really appeals to me. Few people seem to notice me, I get to socialize with the adorable little doggies of Manhattan, and I get to people-watch under the cover of night. It’s cliche, I know, but at this time, I truly feel free.


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  1. Looking for more cheap stuff? Try Chinatown. There’s a place called Kam Man (On Canal, I think??). I still have the set of bamboo kitchen utensils I bought there for, like, $10: slotted spoon, stirrer thingie with hole in it, stirrer thingie without hole in it, pasta fork, etc. — all the usual stove-top accouterments. And if you hit the outside veggie stands later in the day, you can score really good, cheap produce. I mean, if you go earlier in the day, it’s cheap. But after the lunch and pre-dinner rush, stuff gets marked down.

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