Flex time

Today I noticed my arms and sides were sore. Not from lifting weights. Not from doing pushups. Not from doing anything remotely athletic. No, for the third time in the last couple of months, my muscles are aching from taking out the trash.

Readers, this is unacceptable. Unacceptable! Yes, I’ve been sick for some time and have grown slightly puny, but come on! This summer I was swimming or running an hour every single day, and now I get worn out heaving some fracking bags into a Dumpster?!?! This simply won’t do.

So, tomorrow I’m getting my arse to the gym. Or at least out for a walk. It’s still pretty hard for me to muster enough energy even to, say, bathe, but damn it, Rock and Roll Grammarian will not be defeated again by a Hefty bag. Even if I don’t grow back into my clothes, I will not be a weakling!

So say we all.


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