Oh iTunes, why have you forsaken me? I spent all of Friday night wallowing in the injustice of missing the season premier of Battlestar Galactica, comforted only by the prospect of downloading the most recent episode of The Office and watching it after work. But no. I visited my iTunes TV store and found it wasn’t there yet! Even now, at half-past 2 in the fracking morning Saturday, it still isn’t there. O Fortuna! I am profoundly bereft. Yea, I do not know how I shall carry on.



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6 responses to “Lament

  1. Dost thou know the magic of BitTorrent? New episodes generally up within an hour of broadcast…

  2. But that’s (gasp) … illegal!

  3. You can assuage your guilt by downloading illegally one night, then paying your $1.99 to Apple the next.

  4. K

    Yea, Samantha, I went thru the same experience. I thought this week’s episode was one of the best ever and finally tonight at 11:43p – it’s up on iTunes. Thank god my Mac is in my bedroom so I can snuggle with Dwight….

  5. As long as it’s nothing on PBS, you should steal away. But if you watch so much as one minute of public broadcasting without making a donation, you’re nothing but a thief. A common thief.Elmo knows where you live.

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