Slap on the wrist

In other news, this week I received the gift I picked out as my five-year service award from the paper. My choice: a nifty Casio sports watch with a black band. And what do I get? A nifty Casio sports watch with a blue-and-black band. Blue-and-black, not black, which is extremely disappointing. I mean, do I look like the type of person who’d wear a blue-and-black watch? Given certain truths about … work stuff … I find it only fitting that the five-year service award of my choice should, in fact, not be of my choice after all.



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5 responses to “Slap on the wrist

  1. That sucks you didn’t get the watch you wanted. I remember I got a gift certificate one year at my proofreading job in Norman – a gift certificate to the vegetarian-unfriendly Cracker Barrell. My birthday is this friday, and I’m hoping I’ll get This Casio Watch, but I don’t have my hopes up.

  2. Really, is Cracker Barrell any less friendly to vegetarians than it is to anyone else?

  3. Well, they don’t serve any items without meat products, including salads.

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