Your help deciphering, please

I woke up from the most peculiar dream today and would like your help analyzing it:

The time: Adulthood
The place: A high school or university auditorium
The quandary: I’ve arrived late to a performance of a play billed as “a ribald woodland comedy,” wherein I am a principal cast member. I have not been to a rehearsal in months, and I don’t know my lines.

I, as it turns out, am a bawdy old country mouse, playing off my cast member, a bawdy old country rabbit. We frantically practice our lines backstage while I put on my costume, which hasn’t been fitted (because I’ve been inexplicably absent). The costume is way too big for me, but I manage to make it work, to comic effect, with the costume’s one functioning suspender, the right one.

Time has run out, and it’s our cue. I enter stage left, ambling over to the bench where I and Rabbit are to sit. Instead of sitting, though, I deliver my first line while standing, then change the blocking altogether and cross behind the bench to sit at Rabbit’s right. Rabbit delivers her next line, and I blank. So, I do what any right-thinking woman playing a country mouse in a ribald woodland comedy would do: I break out my cockney accent and ad lib the rest of the scene. I won’t go into the dialogue here, but it was ribald, and it actually was funny. Anyway, the audience loved it, and we managed not to ruin the rest of the play, but when the scene ended and I exited stage left, I found the director shaking her head in disapproval.

So, friends, um, wtf? What am I to make of this?



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3 responses to “Your help deciphering, please

  1. Hmmm, I’m not sure … maybe never trust anyone in a rabbit costume?

  2. “I won’t go into the dialogue here, but it was ribald, and it actually was funny.”The training in Freud I’ve received in grad school would lead me to think this might be the most important element to understanding the dream.

  3. My guess is that you are having anxiety about an uncertain future but underneath it you have confidence that you ultimately will find your way.And when you do, it will probably involve cursing and dirty jokes.

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