Heaven help us

This comes to you by way of the Grammarian’s father, who e-mailed the link with the subject line “Get thee behind me, insomnia.”

Had he not chosen a much nobler and awesomer profession, my dad would have made a great fracking copy editor. Props to you, Dad!



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4 responses to “Heaven help us

  1. These are cool! I want the shield *and* the girl’s headdress-thingy! I would like them better if they were Boondock Saints pajamas, though. The cool-ass shield could have the ‘Aequitas, Veritas’ thingy on it, and like, maybe the prayer on the back, or something. I would sleep with a stuffed shield if it were a Boondock Saints shield! Maybe a stuffed gun or something, too! And a big stuffed knife! And a cape would be nice.That would *so* rock! I might make this myself. I wonder if Jo-Ann Fabrics has a pattern for a shield…;-)

  2. Well, Halloween’s around the corner, and the Devil theme has been overdone. Speaking of the naughty Devil theme, God PJ’s, that’s kinda of kinky too!!! S

  3. I’m a little light on cash at the moment, and can’t afford the full Armor of God. Will my Breastplate of Righteousness be enough to carry me through the month?

  4. …without the Jeebus footies, your ankles might be nibbled on by demons, Brian. 😀

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