What do we know about mp3 players?

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for me to purchase a new mp3 player, because the battery on my iPod is crapping out on me in the worst way (it only plays for an hour or so before needing to rest, bless its little … parts). I don’t want or need anything fancy (and I definitely don’t want anything expensive), just something that’s small enough to strap to my arm, has an FM tuner and can hold enough music for, say, an eight-hour flight, give or take a few hours. To my knowledge, Apple doesn’t have a product that matches these specifications. Do you all have any recommendations?



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6 responses to “What do we know about mp3 players?

  1. I have an iRiver and I love it. It’s the 512 megabyte one. It’s small, good for hikes, holds about 15 hours of music. I’ve never needed more than that.

  2. Here’s a good review of several flash-based players. If I were buying an mp3 player I would probably go for one of the low-end Sandisk Sansa players like the m200, but you may have more to spend than I do.

  3. I’ve heard good things about the iRiver. Thank you, Gregory.Chris, the Sandisk Sansa player caught my eye during my preliminary research, but I was under the impression it isn’t Mac compatible. Was I wrong?

  4. u can buy replacement batteries for ipod, probably cheaper than new player

  5. most non-Apple players these days just mount as an external drive when you plug in the USB cable. You just drag the songs you want from iTunes into the folder that represents the mp3 player. I d/led the product manual and this is the case for Sansa.

  6. I would love to help, but I have just a little out-dated Sandisk thingy that I keep losing. When I do find it, I look dorky wearing it–but it’s not bad, assuming I could ever find it. So I guess the Sandisk brand is good (this one has lasted, I have to give it that) but I am sure there’s way-cooler things out there. 🙂

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