Random thought for the day

I wonder if, were I to die and no one knew for a while, young Simon would resort to feasting on my corpse?



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6 responses to “Random thought for the day

  1. Simon and I have talked about this at length, and you won’t have to worry about him starving.

  2. Ted

    I think it would be akin to the time on The Simpsons when Homer took the lobster as a pet. When he accidentally boiled Pinchy, he didn’t want him to go to waste. He cried as he ate every delicious bite. With melted butter.

  3. I think you can be sure of it. If he somehow grew to 10 times his current size, he wouldn’t even wait for you to die.

  4. He’d still be a good kitty though.

  5. lol…well, if necessary. But don’t take it personally, Mom. But seriously–I think Simon–probably much like my cats–is so human-friendly that he’d just be pawing you for days, trying to convince you to quit acting goofy and put some food down already. “C’mon, Mom…c’mon. Mom. You’re *not* funny. Awww…c’mon…”

  6. Oh man, Ancodia. That’s just horribly depressing! It breaks my heart to think of him thinking I’d eventually wake up.

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