Come what May

And so I return after countless nearly sleepless nights and a really nasty stomach something-or-other. Please forgive the absence, if you’re still visiting ye olde blog.

The last few weeks have brought major changes to Grammarianville, among them the loss of my beloved three-day weekend. To put it delicately, switching to five-night weeks blows monkeys. Angry ones. I’m bereft about the situation, as are most if not all of my colleagues. But I suppose this is life, and I’m blessed to have had the four-day workweek perk as long as I have. Sigh.

In other news, I am now the proud owner of a bouncing baby bicycle:

Yes, the Shocker. I could rename it, but why would I do such a thing? Now I just need to learn how to ride it. It has handle bar brakes, you see, and I learned on the old — and superior — back-pedal braking system. Why did they have to mess with perfection?

Furthermore, I officially have in my possession not one, not two, but five items of Oscar Mayer Wienermobile memorabilia, because I am one lucky gal. That’s right, I have two whistles, one metal car with wheels that actually turn, one plush toy and one thoroughly awesome T-shirt. If you’re not jealous, you really should be.

And furthermore, despite having had the aforementioned stomach nastiness, I ventured out to my first George Clinton concert Thursday night. Um, oh my holy hell? So fantastically bizarre. Some people might say they could live their whole lives without seeing a full-grown, dreadlocked man wearing nothing but a terrycloth diaper. But friends, I’m here to tell you, emphatically, that they are wrong.



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3 responses to “Come what May

  1. Yes, the Shocker. I could rename it, but why would I do such a thing?I’m sorry if this is a bit, um, shocking, but “The Shocker” has an entirely different connotation for me.Sorry to hear about your truncated holiday. Will your shifts be shorter, at least?

  2. nice bike. i am even more jealous of that beautiful computer you have in the background.

  3. That, Chris, is why I will not rename the bike. Love it.Yeah, our shifts are about 1.5 hours shorter, so we have a little more time before work to do the stuff we used to do on the extra day. Like sleep and stuff.

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