Waiting in discomfort

I really thought I was tougher than this, but it turns out that when I am without air conditioning, I am a pitiful, mewling wimp.

I mentioned that young Simon spent last night in my parents’ wonderfully cool house. I, however, elected to stay here in the hopes that the AC guy would get here early. Alas, he did not. And it’s hot again today. Witness my thermostat:

Electric Heat

I slept without interruption from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m., so that’s good. But the light and heat wrested me from slumber for most of the next four hours, which is not good. I know I slept at least a little from noon to 1 p.m., however, because I had two very peculiar dreams.

Obviously this whole thing sucks mightily, and I am indeed thinking of ways my landlady can compensate me (thank you for the advice, Barrett, K and everyone else). But I do think there’s a silver lining in this sweltering mess: Staying in a nearly constant state of perspiration (my two cold showers a day offer a reprieve) must have a cleansing effect, right?



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3 responses to “Waiting in discomfort

  1. if by cleansing effect you mean heat stroke inducing….then yeah, i would agree.hope everything gets fixed quick. oh, and you are very welcome.

  2. I feel your pain. My apartment in sj lacks the modern conviences of ac. This is what I do to fall asleep:1. I put those frozen gel packs on my forehead and stomach2. I have a small fan blowing right on my face.3. I try to fall asleep before the gel packs start boiling.I hope your problem is fixed soon!

  3. Oh dear, Curly. Now I’m going to worry about you.

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