The city squirrel

I just returned from a beautiful walk. It truly is gorgeous in Dallas today — the birdies are chirping, children are playing in their yards, and the squirrels are doing squirrel things all over the neighborhood. The Grammarian is having one heckuva good week. My reverie was interrupted, however, by a sad sight near the sidewalk — a decomposing squirrel corpse. Poor little thing. It got me thinking: Tons and tons of squirrels live away from the wilderness, and at least some of them must die of natural causes (e.g. not by car, dog, cat, electrocution, etc.). With such a large squirrel population, you’d think we’d see more of their carcasses lying around. So I ask you: Where do these urban squirrels go to die?


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  1. Old Squirrel Homes? Or maybe Squirrelpice, if they are terminal. Then, there’s always the Squirrelpital.Ok, truth is, I don’t know. Yes, believe it or not, I was only making it up above… ;-):-D

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