Not a bad start to the weekend

Tonight’s shaping up to be a fine night. I had a wonderfully tiring and sweaty workout that involved logging 4 miles on various machines (2 on this scary but fun cross-country skiing thingymabobber). I’ve decided I should try to avoid the gym from 7 to 8 p.m. — that’s when the Fit People seem to arrive in droves with their toned bodies, impeccably highlighted hair and cute little workout numbers. They are not My Kind. I feel a bit like a giant sea mammal around them, in fact. No, I’ll stick with the off hours as much as possible and toil on the machines among the other humans.

As I was driving from the gym to the grocery store, I found myself behind a pickup sporting an accessory that actually managed to shock me (and that’s not easy to do). Hanging from the back bumper of said pickup was … well, there’s just no polite way to say this … a chrome-colored scrotum. A SCROTUM! Dangling freely in the wind! I wonder what sort of person purchases a scrotum for his or her truck? I wonder if I’ve ever met one and just didn’t know it. Do any of you readers know anyone with a scrotum-bearing vehicle?

Anyway, my dinner is cooking as I type, and when it’s done I’m going to watch at least one of three movies: Walk the Line (at long last), Jarhead and North Country. And I’m going to watch them on my computer with its kick-ass 20-inch screen! Good food (consumed with chopsticks), movies, solitude and rain in the forecast — I’m a happy gal.



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7 responses to “Not a bad start to the weekend

  1. K

    Yes! I saw a pink pair last year – on a big-assed truck while in traffic for the Ft Worth show. I tried as hard as I could to get a photo but I was laughing so hard – it never came out.Men.

  2. Yes, Chris. That is exactly what I saw. I wonder what sort of thought process goes into choosing a color?

  3. Probably either your own skin tone or the skin tone of the type of person you’re latently attracted to?

  4. Could be, Brian. Could be. I guess I never really stopped to consider that people might have a thing for Smurfs, leprechauns and Oompaloompas.

  5. A professor of mine once admitted she had sexual fantasies about muppets, so I suppose anything is possible.

  6. Don’t be silly. Everyone knows that Leprechauns are extinct.

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