"You’re not my type"

Ah, Battlestar Galactica (*releases hearts from eyes Pepé Le Pew-style*). This show has everything: violence, politics, religion, philosophy, love, sex, robots, spaceships. If loving a television show is wrong, my friends, I don’t want to be right.

Questions I’d love to ask the writers:

  • Why did you give Cain a redemptive moment? That was just a little too Hallmark Special for me.
  • Was the actress playing Cain wearing a wig?
  • What sort of epiphany did Apollo have when he nearly died out in space? In one shot he was wearing sunglasses, but the sunglasses were gone when he went under. Are the sunglasses symbolic?
  • Did Six flee the ship, or is she hiding in the safe place Baltar (love him) mentioned?
  • What was the significance of Baltar defying the Six in his head and embracing the prisoner Six?
  • What will become of Pegasus now that the she-beast is dead? Will it go its own way, as the wise and esteemed Ted tells me happened in the original series?
  • What was up with Snoopy McSnooperson lurking at the threshold while Starbuck and Apollo chatted? Is she a Cylon? Is she? Is she?
  • Would Pegasus’ XO have been able to go through with the assassination? Would Starbuck?
  • What was up with Rosalin telling Adama she was glad he didn’t have to take her advice and kill Cain?
  • What on earth was up with Adama kissing Rosalin? Perhaps it was just a gesture of friendship and compassion, but what if — ohmydearlordsayitisn’tso — a romance is brewing there? I mean, I love them both, and all, and I want them to be happy in their crazy, mixed-up world, but I think it would be so, so bad for the series if they hooked up.

That’s all for now. If you haven’t been following the show, may you be ashamed, and may you rectify the situation at once.


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