Come on, People

The other day when ADoD and I were at Kroger shopping for Splenda, orange juice and champagne (the better to celebrate her engagement with!), we saw this in the checkout line:

Demystifying Katie Holmes

Now, most reasonable readers know what “how pregnant is she” means. But can’t a major publication like People do just a little bit better for a cover headline? Also, is using an ampersand instead of “and” really necessary? Tsk, tsk.



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2 responses to “Come on, People

  1. Augh! Yet another one. What is it about the whole TomKat thing that makes headline writers lose it? I wanted to pull my hair out after reading “Who’s Katie’s Baby Daddy?” on one of them. Gah! Like fingernails on a black board, and I’m not even going to pretend to know a damn thing about English. 🙂 I feel your pain! 😀 You could always keep a Sharpie with you, and casually correct the covers as you stand in line. Maybe even grade them, too. If I see the headline, “Mad Grammarian Strikes Again!” I’ll know what’s up. 😉 And if you need Sporkgirl’s help, well…I could fan them until the Sharpie dries!

  2. I think that’s a fantastic idea, Ancodia! We can roam the countryside together, Sharpies in hand, in rabid pursuit of bad headlines.

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