Golden days

What an amazing vacation I’ve had. While I’m looking forward to being productive again, I’m already feeling a bit wistful for my 10 glorious days of freedom. Among the highlights:

  • Seeing my dear friend Erin and getting to introduce her to her catphew Simon, who loves her nearly as much as I do (he spent most of the day she left moping around the apartment and lying on or near the pillow she’d slept on).
  • Attending the Neil Diamond concert with Erin. Long live Neil!
  • Taking in the sights, sounds and tastes of the state fair. I am so very pleased to have survived both the Crazy Mouse ride and the Ferris wheel. I’m also very pleased to announce that I’m now the proud owner of one adorable $5 stuffed animal.
  • Watching Ghostbusters, the greatest comedy of all time, with two very special people, who didn’t throw anything at me for reciting the entire movie as it went along.
  • Walking through my neighborhood long past nightfall.
  • Walking in my neighborhood this cool afternoon with the sun filtering through the leaves, which are finally beginning to change.
  • Staying up until 10 a.m. talking. I’m not 18 anymore, but it’s nice to know I can still feel like it.
  • Learning that amid a sea of bright city lights, there’s still a place dark enough for star gazing.
  • Seeing my father and young Simon reconnect. Dad, Simon loves you and hopes you’ll be back soon. “Muuuurh,” he adds.
  • And, last but not least, finally hanging my pictures on the walls ..

… and painting the upstairs bathroom.

I didn’t think to buy a pan to accompany the paint roller thingy and therefore had to improvise with a giant Tupperware container, I spilled half the can on the drop cloth, I had no idea what I was doing with the painter tape, and I’m not entirely certain I chose the right color. All of that aside, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome of my first painting experience. At least the walls now look … deliberate.

It’s hard to go to bed and call an end to this vacation, but that’s what I must do.



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2 responses to “Golden days

  1. Pictures on the walls? Do mine eyes deceive me? Way to go, girl. And the bathroom looks great.

  2. Thanks, chica! I’d really, truly wanted to have all of that done before you got here. I guess now you’ll just have to come back!

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