Guessing game!

I found this today:

Mystery object

Mystery object

Can you guess what it is?



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13 responses to “Guessing game!

  1. Is that the new version of the real doll?

  2. No and no. Erin’s on the right track, though.

  3. Ted

    That looks like a giant mushroom — maybe even the one House of Dave has been ingesting.

  4. Nope. But Dave, if you’re reading this, you really *should* share your meds. For the greater good. And all that.

  5. Looks like the skull cap of a mushroom. I’ve noticed that I have seen a few around popping up lately, now that it isn’t so hot…

  6. Ted

    What the hell is that? How’d that dang deal get here?Oh, I know what that is! … What the hell is that thing?

  7. Looks like the Rattlesnake Cafe is having its Mice in a Bread Bowl Special again.And get your own.

  8. D

    OH, OH, OH!!!! I know, I know! It’s a really old and moldy coffee filter. 😀

  9. I agree, that’s exaclty what it looks like.

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