Don’t you want somebody to love?

Anyone out there thinking about adopting a cat? I met the sweetest little puddin’ pie today. Someone from a neighboring department at the newspaper brought her in to meet everyone after her people moved and left her behind. She’s 2 years old and has the softest gray and white fur you’ve ever felt. She stayed in her little corner when I entered the room, but she responded very well to my petting. She seems pretty docile, though she apparently doesn’t get along with timid, middle-aged kitties. She’s been spayed, dewormed, defleaed and vaccinated, and she tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV.

If you’re interested in bringing this fluffy little princess into your home, please e-mail me. And then let me come over and play with her from time to time.



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5 responses to “Don’t you want somebody to love?

  1. If I were to adopt your little guy, I’d be a male with 3 cats. Would that make me gay? :p

  2. No, Chris, I don’t think that would make you gay. It would make you AWESOME.

  3. Ohhh…she sounds so lovely! I’m going to quit commenting now, before I ask if you will ship her via UPS. šŸ˜‰

  4. I WANT TO BE – you better post a pic of that cat if you wanna find it a home. otherwise, we are to assume it must look like a Gremlin or something ghastly.

  5. Coming right up, I think. The woman from work said she’d send a photo to my work e-mail address today.

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