Turn it up

I suspect we all have a song, or a handful of songs, that move us to roll down the windows, crank the volume and sing at the top of our lungs. “Let Down” by Radiohead is one of these songs for me. It evokes such conflicting feelings: melancholy, exuberance, longing. As totally cliche as this may be, it makes my heart swell nearly to the point of bursting. I can’t fully explain how it makes me feel, and I think that’s the hallmark of a truly great song.

Among my other driving favorites: “I Will,” by the Beatles, “Goner w/souvenir” by Richard Carl Buckner, “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “Never My Love” by the Association, pretty much everything by the great Steve Miller Band, “Only Living Boy in New York” by Simon and Garfunkle, “Scent of Lime” by the Long Winters, “Laid” by James, “Fields of Fire” by For Stars, and “Walk on the Wild Side” by Lou Reed. Actually, I have plenty more than that, but it might take me all morning to think of them all, and I desperately need to sleep.



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5 responses to “Turn it up

  1. I for one just love ‘I will’. It sound so pretty, and is so simple. Wasn’t Lennon/McCartney genius? I love pretty much most late Beatles (post rubber soul/revolver). And ‘walk on the wild side’ reminds me of walking along railroad tracks in a lonely far off place and eating spaghetti bologna fresh out of the can at some hope-filled girl’s apartment . The ‘only living boy in nyc’ conjures up a certain great memory and is a very beautiful song. I love S&G. And who can’t say no to ‘the Steve Miller Band’? I for one can’t…..jwb

  2. what the heck is spaghetti bologna?

  3. just what they call spag and meatballs in the far off land i was at the time.

  4. i hope you have had some good sleeps, rrg!!!…i personally miss your posts!….jwb

  5. Hmmm… I will listen to damn close to anything and probably like it, so as a result, I have a lot of songs that just push my buttons. 🙂 Some that come to mind are Strawberry Letter No. 23 (Bros. Johnson), It’s My Life (Talk Talk, and really that whole cd), anything by 808 State, but particularly Pacific 202 (or any of the Pacifics)… And I was going to mention Space Tribe, but in actuality I can’t *sing* to any of that; it just makes my heart happy. 🙂 Some of my recent serenades have included Sour Girl, Lunatic Fringe, and Friends of Mr Cairo. {giggle) Now if only I could *sing*…

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