Worth the wait

Can one die of a broken heart? I’m not sure, but I think a broken heart can certainly make one feel unbelievably crappy.

Certain atmospheric disturbances forced me to work Friday night instead of watching the season finale of Battlestar Galactica. This grieved me deeply. Deeply indeed.

Throughout the night, four people offered their sincere and unsolicited condolences at my loss. I had a backup plan (my kind and understanding father TiVo’d the episode), but my heart died a little knowing I wouldn’t be there for the initial airing of this important television event.

Today I awoke feeling heavy of heart and limb. My throat ached, my body ached, my very soul ached. It took all of my energy to drag myself to work. I’m sure the obnoxiously high levels of ragweed and other menaces in the air are chiefly to blame for my woes, but perhaps I can also blame BSG withdrawal.

I arrived at work thinking I had no chance of lasting the evening. But then, my friend Ted, whom you should now refer to as Ted the Great, approached my desk with a healing talisman: a video tape. Yes, knowing my cruel predicament, Ted the Great recorded the season finale, and the promise of watching it later in the evening made the body aches, fatigue and general malaise bearable. Thank you, Ted the Great.

So, I just finished watching the episode, and ohmyholyhell did I enjoy it. A few moments of note:

  • Tigh, he of ample liver and unsettlingly flabby biceps, using his supply of booze to loosen up the other XO to get the scoop on Admiral Bitchola.
  • Dr. Baltar’s emotional confession to the abused and weakened Cylon. He grows more interesting with each episode, and I think I may love him.
  • Commander Adama: “I’m getting my men back.” Frack yeah!

I sincerely hope Pegasus’ crew members know a proper commander when they see one and throw that harpy into space. Better yet, I’d like to see a cat fight between President Roslin and Adm. I’ll-Cut-You-With-My-Pointy-Cheekbones Cain. I think we all know who’d win. Take that, angular prisoner-abuser!

This episode seemed graver and more politically charged than usual, but I don’t really think they beat us over the head with modern-day parallels (though I suppose others might disagree with me). In all, I’m quite pleased with the way they left things, and I have high hopes for next season. January can’t get here soon enough!



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6 responses to “Worth the wait

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  2. Are the other seasons out on DVD. I don’t have Cable or any friends with cable. Also, do you know if anyone has any experience recording on DVD?

  3. Moreover, I would love to see BSG. I saw the original when I was a kid and am curious as to how they resurrected it.

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  5. Does this mean you’ve watched it?!? Please say yes.

  6. Praise Jeebus for Ted and his tape (and for Dad and his DVR.) The tape I was using BROKE, and I was afraid I’d have to summarize Friday’s events for you. And some things are best not spoken of.

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